Vibrant Immunity & Fire Cider Alchemy: Saturday, November 16th, 10:30am -1:00pm

Vibrant Immunity & Fire Cider Alchemy: Saturday, November 16th, 10:30am -1:00pm


Strong immunity not only protects us from winter colds and flus, but also keeps us feeling healthy, resilient and bright.  Join Kat & Rose for a fun and informative immunity intensive.

The season is upon us once again - leaves fall, daylight wanes, we are invited to go inward in rest, contemplation and healing.  Enhance your wellness toolkit to prepare for cold and flu season!  This workshop will cover:

- introduction to immune physiology

- nutritional and herbal support to enhance immune function and year-round vitality

- Accessible tools to support yourself and your community in recovery from colds and flus

- Brewing your own Fire Cider recipe


Rose Rothfeder originally hails from the Rocky Mountains and is an eternal student of Life.  She is a lover of the Wild, and a devotee of Water.  Rose has had the opportunity to work with young folks over the past 10 years - weaving the realms of nature connection,  education, mindfulness, yoga, arts, and music.  She is now finishing her studies at the California School of Herbal Studies, and is currently working at the herbal apothecary Botanicalife in Larkspur.  She is also gaining further experience teaching and offering herbal consultations.  Rose looks forward to integrating herbalism, embodiment, healing arts, regenerative culture, earth-based skills, and more into her unfolding service path.   



Kat O’Loughlin is a board certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Educator. She offers community workshops, teaches healthy cooking classes and has a private nutrition consultant practice. She believes that our everyday choices - what we eat and our lifestyle choices - directly impact our present and future health. She enjoys helping clients transform their health by getting to the root cause of why they are not feeling their best. Her nutrition philosophy is simple and easy to follow: enjoy the rainbow of beautiful, whole foods.

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